While pair programming, I often have to step away from my computer for a minute to take my puppy outside. It would be nice to be able to leave my screen shared so my colleague can continue looking at what we were just discussing, without me having to worry that they might dig into the private things on my computer while I'm not looking, e.g. browsing through my password manager.
Currently, the setting for toggling allowing control takes too long to access for purposes like this where I have to dash off quickly. Not only is it a few clicks away, but the session's settings menu takes ~3 seconds to open, the options jump when the title appears a moment later, then opening Advanced Settings, where the 'Allow others to control' setting lives currently, takes another ~2s. Demo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ub4hitlm8mbyzv/Pop%20allow%20control%20setting%20lag-2022-07-28_12.26.54.mp4?dl=0
Drovio has this easily accessible on its session toolbar: https://help.drovio.com/en/article/interaction-modes-cj6o27/
Edit: My usecase assumes that the option actually works! https://support.pop.com/bugs/p/macos-cant-disable-remote-control