Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Pop for Mac v8.0.5+ now supports M1 natively — the binary is a universal build, so it should work for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. This means you should have a faster experience with lower power usage on M1 Macs. On Intel Macs, there should be no change.
Enjoy! 🎉
We've pushed a fix for a bug that was affecting many users where on experiencing even minor packet loss, the screen share stream would freeze, and would require stopping and starting the screen share to recover.
This is now fixed in the latest version, and you should be auto-updated (if you're unsure, check from the hamburger menu, and you should have a
No update available
message at the bottom, or a button to update if one is available).
We've updated to Electron v13, which brings significant performance improvements especially when screen sharing on a Mac with your camera active (we now use hardware acceleration for the camera stream).
Also from earlier, you can now toggle fading for drawings when screen sharing (or in the draw "app" when you're on a video call). Clear, undo, and changing colors are all possible when screen sharing, and each command has a keyboard shortcut associated with it.
We also fixed a few notable bugs:
Edge-to-edge screen share views even in windowed mode. Before, there was a significant difference between being a guest in a screen share with a full screen window vs. a regular window. In v7, we've unified both window experiences, so you always get the entire screen share view in its own window, plus a secondary window with all the call controls in it. And if you keep the secondary window close to the primary one, they'll be docked, so they'll move together.
There are also numerous other bug fixes, notably around trading control between host and guest.
Previous improvements:
We’ve also identified a few other performance and keyboard bugs and will be addressing them next.
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