When I am screen sharing during a meeting the share will initally work (Windows 10). After a period of time, usually a few minutes the screen send bitrate visible in the statistics menu of the meeting drops to zero. Other people in the meeting still see my screen but it is frozen so it is not immediately apparent that anything is wrong. Their mouse pointers are still visible/moving on my screen and we can still chat. Stopping and restarting the share gets the screen share working again, but only for a few minutes.
I have tried sharing a whole screen (my 4K laptop monitor) and a partial screen share (an area equivalent to a 1440p monitor).
I have tried switching off my camera.
My teammates do not experience this issue when they are sharing their screens.
I have an ADSL broadband connection with 32Mbps download speed and 6.2Mbps upload speed.
As a team we have tried several other remote working solutions but I do not experience similar issues with these applications. I don't mention this as a dig, its just more information that might help you diagnose the problem. Our prefrence as a team is to use Pop.
I've tried updating my GPU drivers and starting Pop via command line using the -disable-gpu switch. The problem persists. I've also tried running pop with --enable-logging but the log is empty after the send bitrate drops.